Seven Person Tents – For the Ultimate Camping Experience

If you love camping, you should think about purchasing a seven person tent. You see, larger tents have a bunch of benefits. Yes, they can be more expensive – after all you are getting a very large camping space – but if you do your research you’ll find that the positives far outweigh any extra cost.

Seven person tents are great for a variety of reasons, and when you think about the size they really are quite affordable. Compared with two or even three smaller tents, a seven person tent is actually cheaper and can lead to a better camping experience.

Some of the main benefits of a seven people tent include:

1. More Space On Longer Camping Trips

When you go on a long camping trip you want room to spread out – even if you don’t have a large group of campers with you. You’ll want the extra space to spread out your gear and settle in for your stay in the great outdoors. With a large tent you’ll have plenty of room for a sleeping area, a small living area (for those times when the weather might not be the best) and even have storage space for all your gear. Even with just two people, a large tent offers more flexibility and overall enjoyment.

2. The More The Merrier

Sometimes a camping trip with friends or family is in order and not everyone owns their own tent. If you want get somebody you know into camping – what better way than to share your tent on a great trip. Let’s face it, do you really want those friends or extended family members cramming into your small tent with you? That does not make for a fun trip (and can quickly turn friends into former friends). A seven person tent really goes a long way in alleviating cramped quarters and any discomfort you might feel having those extra people sleeping with you.

3. Bring The Kids

A seven person tent is the ideal family tent. A large tent brings the family together – which is after all one of the reasons we go camping in the first place. For small children a seven person tent is ideal, in that they do not need to sleep by themselves in a smaller tent (little kids do tend to hear things on a camping trip and get a bit scared).

4. It’s Lighter And More Affordable Than You Think

Many people were turned off to large tents because the older models were heavy, bulky, and expensive. The modern seven person tent is made of specialized lightweight, durable materials. This makes them easier to carry and much less expensive. In addition, the new models are easy to setup and take down – so you can have more time for fun on your trip.

Unless you always camp alone, you’ll probably find that a seven person tent is perfect for your needs. Bring the friends, bring the neighbors, bring the kids, bring the in-laws (okay maybe not) and enjoy your camping experience.

5. Seven Person Tents Are Cheaper Than You Think

Most tents are too expensive. Most retailers mark up their tents by as much as 100%! This is an outrage.

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