Dog Food Allergies And Your Dog

You could ask, “how is it that a dog is allergic to the very food that is “designed” to sustain them? The answer is: he is not… really. He is allergic to all the unnatural substances that man has decided to dump into this food.

Critical food ingredients to avoid giving dogs — because they initiate hypersensitivity in the body are: WHEAT (gluten), CORN (gluten), SOY, and DAIRY products. They are used in pet foods because they are cheap forms of protein that can help bolster the manufacturer’s label claims. But, because these products can cause such strong negative reactions in our pets, the results of food allergy testing could actually create FALSE allergy readings.

Food pollutants that compound the allergic response in the pet’s body are: bacteria, heavy metals (in water), pesticides, drugs, artificial hormones, preservatives and other chemicals. These accumulated in the FAT and SKIN of the chicken or turkey. The average dog today isn’t eating like his ancestors did in the wild, where the food consumed was fresh, unprocessed meat, organs and bones and some green vegetable matter. In fresh form, meat and bones are comprised of 70% water, assisting the acid-alkaline balance of a carnivore’s digestive system.

The vast majority of today’s commercial pet food brands are owned by huge conglomerates, such as Mars (candy), Nestles (candy), Colgate Palmolive (soap), Proctor and Gamble (soap). Big business has found a real “cash cow” in the byproducts (aka, discards) of man’s agricultural and food industries.

Now, there are some good packaged natural foods available for our pets, but you have to look for them. And, the BARF Diet (bones and raw food) is also a way to go. A consumer really needs to do his research, read publications… and, above all, read the pet food ingredient labels and learn what each ingredient actually is. This is not always as obvious as it may appear.

Although I do hear of pets being allergic to chicken and other foods, in reality most dogs are actually allergic to the artificial and unnatural substances being added to commercial dog foods. That’s why it’s extremely important to be aware of what your dog food consists of and to make sure that you supplement any diet with a good quality dog vitamin supplement because there is no dog food alone that can supply your dog with all the nutrients he or she really needs.