Luxury Hotels in Paris

One of the most romantic and historic cities in the world, Paris has a special place among all people who have visited this charming city. This city boasts of historic landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame. However, if you plan to visit Paris, look for more than just the landmarks; try and explore the streets and alleys of Paris that provide you with a true picture of this romantic and enchanting city. This city also prides itself at having some of the world’s best and finest Paris luxury hotels.

The InterContinental is one of the most renowned luxury hotels in Paris. This grand hotel, which recently underwent a costly renovation, has luxurious guest rooms and suites that boast of a lavish interior. This hotel, which overlooks the Tuileries Gardens, has two world-class restaurants, a bar, a lobby lounge, a whirlpool, two Finnish saunas, and a fabulous spa that makes it one of the best Paris luxury hotels. Victoria Palace is also one of the best luxury hotels in Paris and located in the city’s trendy Montparnasse neighborhood. Among the unique facilities extended by this world-class hotel is a daily weather report delivered each night to your room and the provision of robes and slippers in each room. The large and luxurious rooms that make your stay look like a royal one are instrumental in making the Victoria Palace one of the best Paris hotels. The hotel’s bar and lounge are open to all guests till 1:00 a.m. Although this hotel is not located in the center of Paris, you are not far away from the city’s attractions, shopping centers, and dining places.

The Ritz is another name for luxury and royalty in Paris. An ideal place to stay with your family, the Ritz welcomes all children with a gift, cuddly toy, and pint-sized robes. The big and luxurious rooms, a great indoor pool, and world-class service make the Ritz one of the best Paris hotels. This hotel has some of the prestigious and exquisite suites like the Ernest Hemingway, Elton John, or Coco Chanel. If you are looking for the best in Paris luxury hotels in a supreme neighborhood, the Park Hyatt Paris Vendome is a great place for you. This hotel, which has been marvelously constructed out of five different buildings, has a rich interior, courteous staff, and delicious food. Located in the heart of the City of Lights, Park Hyatt boasts of supreme artwork, interior, and d├ęcor that are comparable to the collections found at museums and are instrumental in making it one of the best Paris hotels.

If you are looking to stay away from the hustle and bustle of Paris life, Chateau d’Esclimont is the place for you! This hotel, which was made from an old castle, makes you feel like a royalty during your stay. The beautifully-decorated rooms along with 150-acre grounds, makes it one of the best luxury hotels in Paris. Chateau d’Esclimont is just an hour drive from Paris and is a perfectly ideal location if you are interested in exploring Chartres, Versailles, and the beautiful, chateau-filled Loire Valley.

Dog Food Allergies And Your Dog

You could ask, “how is it that a dog is allergic to the very food that is “designed” to sustain them? The answer is: he is not… really. He is allergic to all the unnatural substances that man has decided to dump into this food.

Critical food ingredients to avoid giving dogs — because they initiate hypersensitivity in the body are: WHEAT (gluten), CORN (gluten), SOY, and DAIRY products. They are used in pet foods because they are cheap forms of protein that can help bolster the manufacturer’s label claims. But, because these products can cause such strong negative reactions in our pets, the results of food allergy testing could actually create FALSE allergy readings.

Food pollutants that compound the allergic response in the pet’s body are: bacteria, heavy metals (in water), pesticides, drugs, artificial hormones, preservatives and other chemicals. These accumulated in the FAT and SKIN of the chicken or turkey. The average dog today isn’t eating like his ancestors did in the wild, where the food consumed was fresh, unprocessed meat, organs and bones and some green vegetable matter. In fresh form, meat and bones are comprised of 70% water, assisting the acid-alkaline balance of a carnivore’s digestive system.

The vast majority of today’s commercial pet food brands are owned by huge conglomerates, such as Mars (candy), Nestles (candy), Colgate Palmolive (soap), Proctor and Gamble (soap). Big business has found a real “cash cow” in the byproducts (aka, discards) of man’s agricultural and food industries.

Now, there are some good packaged natural foods available for our pets, but you have to look for them. And, the BARF Diet (bones and raw food) is also a way to go. A consumer really needs to do his research, read publications… and, above all, read the pet food ingredient labels and learn what each ingredient actually is. This is not always as obvious as it may appear.

Although I do hear of pets being allergic to chicken and other foods, in reality most dogs are actually allergic to the artificial and unnatural substances being added to commercial dog foods. That’s why it’s extremely important to be aware of what your dog food consists of and to make sure that you supplement any diet with a good quality dog vitamin supplement because there is no dog food alone that can supply your dog with all the nutrients he or she really needs.

An All Inclusive Jamaican Vacation – A Top Destination For Every Taste

Jamaica is almost everyone’s dream holiday destination. Who wouldn’t want gorgeous white sands, pristine blue waters and breathtaking sunsets? Couple all those with great weather and you have a top vacation destination. However, the trip could be quite costly because everyone simply wants to go there. So if you do plan on going to Jamaica, make sure you catch an all inclusive Jamaican vacation package deal.

There are many popular places to visit in Jamaica. There you can enjoy long walks at seven-mile beaches, climbing plunging waterfalls and horseback riding in mountaintop jungles. An all inclusive Jamaican vacation package deal can offer great value, as Jamaica caters to all kinds of travelers, from large families with kids to couples to singles who just want to party!

With an all inclusive Jamaican vacation get ready for fun water sports and non-stop reggae beach parties. There are resorts that cater only to adults and others that are great for kids. Resorts in Jamaica offer all sorts of activities from kid’s programs to trekking in the nearby jungle. It all depends on what you want to get out of your holiday in Jamaica.

Jamaica is just perfect for couples or honeymooners. If you’re looking to have a romantic getaway, Jamaica is the place for you. Great choices are Montego Bay, which is peaceful and filled with luxury resorts, and Ocho Rios, which is a bit more upbeat for couples who want to party. The Seven Mile Beach in Negril is great for those long romantic walks. For those memorable moments, you can also go snorkeling, scuba diving and discovering caves and caverns there.

What’s a honeymoon without spa treatment? Couples can relax in Couples Ocho Rios, Grand Lido Braco and Breezes Montego Bay. These are some of the best spa resorts available in Jamaica. You may enjoy great savings with luxury spa treatments during the low season. If you’re looking for more relaxation, you won’t always need a hot sunny day. Stay indoors with your partner at the spa!

The top honeymoon resorts in Jamaica are Couples Negril, Sandals Dunn’s River Golf Resort & Spa and Sunset Palms, Negril. When looking into an all inclusive Jamaican vacation package, make sure to ask if these resorts are included in the deal.

If you’re traveling with kids the Caribbean is geared for families. Just remember though that not all places in the Caribbean welcome children. The Caribbean is filled with all kinds of places that cater to different types of travelers. So always ask about family-friendly destinations in the Caribbean.

Aruba is an example of one of the best family-friendly destinations in the Caribbean. Aruba has a desert landscape, with cactus, aloe vera and divi-divi trees against indigo skies, blue green waters and powdery white sands. It is indeed a tropical paradise, with its low humidity, cool trade winds and average temperature all year round.

The Bahamas is another great choice for families. Your family can stay in the famous Atlantis Bahamas resort or other family resorts nearby. The Islands of the Bahamas offers a wide range of exciting activities for your family to enjoy, such as snorkeling and water sports.

Getting a great all inclusive Jamaican vacation deal is all about targeting your destination. You may want to relax in a quieter environment and simply enjoy the breeze, or party all night long. It’s important to plan your Jamaican vacation carefully to truly enjoy your dream holiday.

Trekking Is Best Way to Explore Nepal and Its Culture

Trekking in Nepal is the best way to discover her natural beauty. The Himalayan country Nepal has many adventure activities to offer; nature, culture, sightseeing. High Himalayan peaks, snow clad mountains, rhododendron forests, crystal clear lakes, narrow trails, waterfalls, wild Himalayan rivers and unique local culture makes Nepal the most popular destination in the world of travel. No matter whether you are an adventure enthusiast or a nature lover, Nepal is the best place for you to explore its natural beauty.

If you want to experience excellent variety of trekking then Nepal is the best option.

Exploring Nepal can range from sightseeing, easy walking tours to the hilly areas, to a strenuous climb of the snowy peaks. The most worthwhile way to experience Nepal’s natural, and world famous natural attractions, is to walk through the hilly trails of the country. Trekking in Nepal is a huge part to the ultimate Himalayan adventure, and the majority of tourists prefer trekking in Nepal as a part of their itinerary. Trekking has the benefit of creating a situation where the tourist comes in direct contact with the local community, giving them close and friendly insight into the various cultures in Nepal.

If we are exhausted on the way while trekking in Nepal, we can hire ponies and trek in some of the remote areas. The ponies are well trained and are an equally enchanting way to travel for trekkers and hikers. Pony treks follow the same routes, and are offered mostly in western region of Nepal such as Pokhara, Dolpa and Lo-Manthang Mustang. Trekking is the only and effective way to know and experience lifestyles of local communities and their cultural hospitality. No special level of fitness is required, and age is no obstruction, except in the area over 10000 feet altitude where extra care should be taken. Anyone with an average level of fitness, and the courage for adventure will enjoy the excitement of trekking in the hills of Nepal. Exploring the exotic variety of culture and scenery is what brings people back to Nepal repeatedly. We can hike or trek along the trails, which are easy to follow, and have been used by the local people for centuries, or you can explore less used tracks.

The most famous regions for trekking in Nepal are Everest, Annapurna and Langtang region.