Seven Person Tents – For the Ultimate Camping Experience

If you love camping, you should think about purchasing a seven person tent. You see, larger tents have a bunch of benefits. Yes, they can be more expensive – after all you are getting a very large camping space – but if you do your research you’ll find that the positives far outweigh any extra cost.

Seven person tents are great for a variety of reasons, and when you think about the size they really are quite affordable. Compared with two or even three smaller tents, a seven person tent is actually cheaper and can lead to a better camping experience.

Some of the main benefits of a seven people tent include:

1. More Space On Longer Camping Trips

When you go on a long camping trip you want room to spread out – even if you don’t have a large group of campers with you. You’ll want the extra space to spread out your gear and settle in for your stay in the great outdoors. With a large tent you’ll have plenty of room for a sleeping area, a small living area (for those times when the weather might not be the best) and even have storage space for all your gear. Even with just two people, a large tent offers more flexibility and overall enjoyment.

2. The More The Merrier

Sometimes a camping trip with friends or family is in order and not everyone owns their own tent. If you want get somebody you know into camping – what better way than to share your tent on a great trip. Let’s face it, do you really want those friends or extended family members cramming into your small tent with you? That does not make for a fun trip (and can quickly turn friends into former friends). A seven person tent really goes a long way in alleviating cramped quarters and any discomfort you might feel having those extra people sleeping with you.

3. Bring The Kids

A seven person tent is the ideal family tent. A large tent brings the family together – which is after all one of the reasons we go camping in the first place. For small children a seven person tent is ideal, in that they do not need to sleep by themselves in a smaller tent (little kids do tend to hear things on a camping trip and get a bit scared).

4. It’s Lighter And More Affordable Than You Think

Many people were turned off to large tents because the older models were heavy, bulky, and expensive. The modern seven person tent is made of specialized lightweight, durable materials. This makes them easier to carry and much less expensive. In addition, the new models are easy to setup and take down – so you can have more time for fun on your trip.

Unless you always camp alone, you’ll probably find that a seven person tent is perfect for your needs. Bring the friends, bring the neighbors, bring the kids, bring the in-laws (okay maybe not) and enjoy your camping experience.

5. Seven Person Tents Are Cheaper Than You Think

Most tents are too expensive. Most retailers mark up their tents by as much as 100%! This is an outrage.

Scarpa SL M3, Top Quaulity Footwear Designed For Adventure

Before going on that outdoor adventure, whether it be hiking, trekking or mountaineering, buy the footwear you can trust. Scarpa SL M3 boots are designed to give you ultimate comfort, stability and good grip on all terrain and they will assist you to get you to your destination safely, even in those toughest conditions. You can wear Scarpa SL M3 boots all year round, whether you are just hill trekking or mountaineering.

Scarpa SL M3 have been designed and made by Scarpa who are renowned for designing high quality mountaineering footwear for both men and women. The team of specialists are vastly knowledgeable about all different types of terrain. They are technically sound and this assists them to design the best shoes and boots that are superior for climbing steep mountains.

Most buyers of the Scarpa SL M3 reported that they were greatly satisfied. The boot’s full grain leather uppers and strong and lightweight sole assisted both hikers and backpackers to improve their overall performance. As a reflection of its durability, comfort, and performance, the Scarpa SL M3 received a high overall rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

Scarpa is an innovative company that you can trust, with over 50 year of experience in designing and developing outstanding quality. Scarpa mountaineering boots and shoes are made to handle the most extreme conditions and keep you in comfort and style.

Scarpa SL M3


Full grain leather – A top quality leather of 2.4mm to 2.6mm in thickness, perfect for lighter weight hiking and walking boots, which is also silicone impregnated which gives you protection in the wet season and also gives the leather durability and ankle support.

Vibram M3 sole – gives you good deep grip to handle all types of conditions. Balanced and light weight, it will not slow you down on those big hikes.

Leather-lined tongue – gives you protection and comfort.

Tri-Flex ankle – gives you hassle free hiking. The extra support with articulated cuff helps you cover uneven ground with ease.

Backpackers and hikers alike prefer the Scarpa SL M3 for its impressive durability and flexibility in the toughest of conditions, with a combination of the advance Vibram sole and high quality leather which has a high water resistance. It’s also ideal for temperatures above 25 C and it can also handle freezing point and below.

Scarpa is well known for constantly adding new features and designs. They are always looking for ways to improve on their large variety of footwear. The launch of Scarpa SL M3 has set the quality benchmark high.

Foods You Can Eat On The Raw Food Diet

The raw food diet is a healthy diet that consists of uncooked and unprocessed plant foods. It can be used to improve digestion, increase energy, reduce the risk of heart disease, and improve the skin’s appearance or to lose weight fast. When food is heated above 116 degrees F important enzymes are believed to be destroyed. These enzymes help in the digestion and the absorption of foods. Cooked foods also lose their nutritional value and their life force of energy.

Raw food diets contain lower amounts of saturated fat, trans fats and sodium compared to regular diets. They also contain high amounts of magnesium, fiber, potassium and phytochemicals that help promote health. Choosing to switch to the raw food diet can lower the chances of developing not only heart disease, but also cancer and diabetes.

Foods that are acceptable to eat on the raw food diet are:
Fresh fruits and vegetables
Young coconut milk
Purified water
Unprocessed natural or organic foods
Fresh fruit and vegetable juices

These foods should be unprocessed with 75% of the foods consumed not heated over 115 degrees F. Certain cooking methods can be used to make foods digest easier and add some diversity to the diet. Dehydrating food is one cooking technique that can be used as well as blending foods, soaking dried fruits and nuts, juicing vegetables and fruits and choosing sprouting grains, beans and seeds. Having a blender, chopper and food processor can help save time when preparing foods. Another useful piece of equipment that is handy to have when on the raw food diet is a dehydrator. This machine blows air through the food while maintaining a temperature below 116 degrees F. Having a juice extractor also is useful for juicing vegetables and fruits.

When first beginning this diet, some individuals go through a detoxification period. This is especially true for individuals who are accustomed to eating diets rich in sugar, meat and caffeine. Although symptoms usually only last for a few days these symptoms include nausea, food cravings and headaches. Individuals should check with their physicians before starting this diet. Those who have anemia, osteoporosis, are pregnant or nursing as well as children may be advised that this diet is not appropriate for them. Those who are successful at maintaining this diet experience increases in energy levels and often lose weight fast as well as benefit from over-all better health.

Educational Attractions for School Trips to Belgium

Belgium is a relatively small country located in Western Europe, dominated by the culturally distinct areas of Flanders and Wallonia. As a student you may already be aware of the role the Belgian people played in the first and second world wars. If so, you will be all the more interested in the opportunity to see these historic monuments and other popular attractions during school trips to this wonderful country. As a teacher, taking students to Belgium can put classroom learning in to context and open up an entirely new world to history and art students.


It is quite common for those on school trips to Belgium to add a guided tour around Brussels to the itinerary. It gives students the opportunity to see politically important places such as the Barlaymount building and NATO headquarters. Students should also find time walk around the Grand Place, which is fully deserving of its place on the UNESCO World Heritage list.

Flanders Fields

If you’ve been teaching your students about World War 1, an excursion to Flanders Fields is an invaluable experience. It is important to take your time at this site, to not only honour the many fallen soldiers but also to educate your school group about the horrific events that took place here. A trip to the museum in Ypres is a good add-on activity.

Magritte Museum

Those students keen to learn more about European art on their school trips should definitely pay a visit to the Magritte Museum. This fascinating museum is home to a wide variety of paintings, videos and sculptures by one of the most famous Belgian artists. Be ready with some answers, however, when it comes to explaining the hidden meanings of the Empire of Light and Domain of Arnheim to your students.

Choco Story

All that art and history can be a little overwhelming on school trips, but a visit to this chocolate factory will add some light relief. Your students will have a wonderful time learning about the development of the chocolate making process through the ages and even hear about the medicinal uses of this much loved treat. Finally there’ll be the opportunity to taste the famous Belgian chocolate and buy souvenirs from the museum shop.

Cathedral Of Our Lady

Those with an interest in religious history during school trips to Belgium should make the time for a tour of this magnificent cathedral in Antwerp. The knowledgeable local experts will explain the building process, which took more than 150 years to complete, and enlighten students on many of the historic objects which were lost during fires and attacks from the 16th to the 19th centuries. If you can extend your stay in Antwerp, a visit to the nearby port is also highly recommended.