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Scarpa SL M3, Top Quaulity Footwear Designed For Adventure

Before going on that outdoor adventure, whether it be hiking, trekking or mountaineering, buy the footwear you can trust. Scarpa SL M3 boots are designed to give you ultimate comfort, stability and good grip on all terrain and they will assist you to get you to your destination safely, even in those toughest conditions. You can wear Scarpa SL M3 boots all year round, whether you are just hill trekking or mountaineering.

Scarpa SL M3 have been designed and made by Scarpa who are renowned for designing high quality mountaineering footwear for both men and women. The team of specialists are vastly knowledgeable about all different types of terrain. They are technically sound and this assists them to design the best shoes and boots that are superior for climbing steep mountains.

Most buyers of the Scarpa SL M3 reported that they were greatly satisfied. The boot’s full grain leather uppers and strong and lightweight sole assisted both hikers and backpackers to improve their overall performance. As a reflection of its durability, comfort, and performance, the Scarpa SL M3 received a high overall rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

Scarpa is an innovative company that you can trust, with over 50 year of experience in designing and developing outstanding quality. Scarpa mountaineering boots and shoes are made to handle the most extreme conditions and keep you in comfort and style.

Scarpa SL M3


Full grain leather – A top quality leather of 2.4mm to 2.6mm in thickness, perfect for lighter weight hiking and walking boots, which is also silicone impregnated which gives you protection in the wet season and also gives the leather durability and ankle support.

Vibram M3 sole – gives you good deep grip to handle all types of conditions. Balanced and light weight, it will not slow you down on those big hikes.

Leather-lined tongue – gives you protection and comfort.

Tri-Flex ankle – gives you hassle free hiking. The extra support with articulated cuff helps you cover uneven ground with ease.

Backpackers and hikers alike prefer the Scarpa SL M3 for its impressive durability and flexibility in the toughest of conditions, with a combination of the advance Vibram sole and high quality leather which has a high water resistance. It’s also ideal for temperatures above 25 C and it can also handle freezing point and below.

Scarpa is well known for constantly adding new features and designs. They are always looking for ways to improve on their large variety of footwear. The launch of Scarpa SL M3 has set the quality benchmark high.

What Makes A Really Good Adventure Holiday?

Below, we take a look at our top tips when it comes to the things that you need to take into account to make sure you get a good adventure holiday this year.

Range Of Activities – If you are going to an adventure centre for a few days, then you are going to want to try your hand (or feet) at a range of activities, so it’s important to choose a centre that offers a wide range of things for you to do. Some people may just be going to concentrate on one activity, but the majority of people will be looking to cram as much into their break as possible, so always check what’s on offer before you book.

Cost – Like any holiday, from a caravan break in Devon through to a cruise around the world, price is always going to play a part in your decision about where you go. Make sure you check out the rough total price for the place that you are thinking of going and always ask if there might be extras or things that are not included in the booking price that you arrange to pay. Things like parking and fuel costs soon mount up and can cause issues financially when you return, so it is worth taking some time to plan your break away with the pennies in mind.

Activities For All Ages – If you have a family and are planning to take them with you, then you need to try and find somewhere that has activities for all of your family members, depending on their age and size. The last thing you want is for 3 of you to be enjoying yourself yet the little one being left on the sidelines because there is nothing for them to do, so it’s vital that you check there is something for everyone or it could be a very restricted holiday.

All Weathers – We have all had experience of the Great British Summers, some greater than others, and this is why it is vital that you try to go somewhere that offers both outdoor and indoor adventure activities. If you put all of your eggs into one basket and go for just outdoor, if you get a really bad couple of rainy days then your whole holiday or break away could just turn into one big frustration.

Location – When you take into account you will need to get to the activity centre, whether it’s by driving or by taking a train or other public transport, then this all adds up in terms of cost. Therefore it is crucial that you work out your travelling costs and take them into account when working out how much the whole holiday will cost, because there is no point in leaving yourself struggling financially just because you booked something so far away.