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River Trout Fishing Tips – 3 Tips For Trout Fishing in Rivers

To me there is only one place to truly fish for trout and that place is in the flowing waters that a river provide. Sure trout can be caught from lakes and even from boats, but for me there is nothing like fishing for and catching trout in a river while wading. In this article I will outline 3 tips for trout fishing in rivers, especially while wading in said rivers.

In many instances good river trout fishing tips are hard to come by, especially when it comes to traditional spin fishing. Most people think of fly fishing when they think of river trout fishing, but what if you aren’t a fly fisherman? The river trout fishing tips in this article are for the traditional spin fishermen rather than fly fishermen, simply because spin fishing is what I have always engaged in.

For me river trout fishing has always been about fishing not only with traditional spinning gear, but more to the point ultra light spin fishing gear. Ultra light rods, reels spooled with light line, and the use of small tackle and hooks is a very enjoyable and effective way to catch trout in rivers. This is something I have engaged in for more than twenty years and these 3 tips come directly from that experience.

  1. Fish When The Trout Are Active – Being on the river fishing when the trout are most active is of the utmost importance when river fishing. The more active the trout are the more apt the trout are to bite. You can determine when the trout will be the most active by learning the simple ways in which both the weather & moon impact a fish’s behavior. Plan your fishing trips around this information and you will experience more fishing success.
  2. Use Live Worms As Bait – In many instances the best bait for trout in rivers is live worms. A great river trout fishing tip is to use live worms as bait anytime you are fishing for trout in rivers while wading. A live worm rigged in a natural manner and allowed to flow naturally with the current of the river is an incredible trout fishing tactic. Try to have your offering bounce along the bottom of the river as it flows with the current as well. This tactic has helped me hook man untold number of trout throughout the years.
  3. Don’t Spook The Trout – When trout fishing in rivers a mistake many fishermen make is to “spook” the trout they are attempting to catch. Trout can become spooked by many things, but the most common are by far noise and your shadow. Never cast your shadow on the area you are trying to fish and never make any kind of loud noise in the river you are attempting to catch trout from. If you spook the trout it can easily take over an hour for them to “return to normal” and begin feeding again.

These 3 river trout fishing tips will make anyone a much more successful river trout fisherman. Add one or all of these tips to your trout fishing arsenal today.

Texas Hold Em Poker Tips – 4 Ways To Win More Pots And Cash

Do you get frustrated that you aren’t winning as much as you would like playing poker? Well these Texas Hold Em Poker tips will reveal how to win more.

Acquiring new Texas Hold Em Poker tips to learn is a very good way of becoming a great poker player. The very fact you are reading this means you are probably better than most players out there. Please continue to research and learn about poker because this is the best way to win a lot of money playing Texas Hold Em.

Texas Hold Em Poker Tips #1 Way To Win More

The best way to win more pots and cash is to learn more so you are a better poker player than most others. You are doing this right now but I urge you to never stop and always get your hands on anything you can that will teach you more.

You can learn poker very easily. There are many ways to do this. Books, courses, tips and tricks will all help. But the best way I think to learn how to become a good player very quickly is to discuss different hands with other poker players and learn from them and what they would do.

Texas Hold Em Poker Tips #2 Way To Win More

The second best way to win more is to practice more to become a better poker player. Nothing, other than reading/learning will get you better at poker. And once you are better you will win more naturally.

Texas Hold Em Poker Tips #3 Way To Win More

A great way to win more money is to go into poker tournaments. Freerolls are free tournaments and you can also find very low cost tournaments. If you win you will win quite a large amount of money and you didn’t have to risk much. Plus you get a lot of experience quickly and cheaply (see practice).

Texas Hold Em Poker Tips #4 Way To Win More

Another interesting way to win more is to drop down to a lower stakes table. It’s commonly known that the lower the cost of the game the worse the types of players there. Go down to a cheap cash game and steal money from newbies.

Now you know my favourite ways of winning pots quickly and easily and getting cash positive very fast. I’m sure you are realizing how important learning is to becoming a good poker player and you are aware that right now the most important thing you can do is find more information on how to play Holdem better.